Dutch Real Estate Consulting

Would you like to buy a property in the Netherlands? You certainly have good reasons for this investment! We are happy to support you.

In addition to professional qualifications, knowledge of Dutch as a second mother tongue is a clear advantage when advising Dutch nationals or representing the interests of German clients in the Netherlands.

This also applies to our many years of experience with Dutch culture and mentality, in particular the customs in business dealings with Dutch people, which differ significantly from those in Germany.

Nils Hoefer has been active in this consulting segment for over ten years. In addition to his specialist knowledge, he has a reliable network of lawyers, tax advisors and notaries in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Real estate investments in the Netherlands (or Holland) can be purely investment properties with the intention of generating a return or privately motivated purchases, such as your own vacation home or a vacation apartment in the Netherlands for private use.

Mixed use, i.e. owner-occupation with partial rental, is often planned for second homes or vacation properties. But emigrating to the Netherlands, your new adopted home, or studying at one of the popular Dutch study locations can also be a personal motivation for buying a residential property.

No matter what your goal is: We are happy to support you in all legal and tax aspects of your projects and plans.

Our range of real estate consulting services in the Netherlands includes

Purchase of the property in the Netherlands

  • Initial advice on all legal and tax issues, tailored to your chosen property and personal situation and dealing with all the above aspects, answering your questions in this regard and analyzing the tax consequences of the purchase.
  • Legal support for the purchase by checking and explaining all contracts and documents relevant to the sale, checking encumbrances in rem and supporting the notarial transfer, including handling all communication with Dutch estate agents, notaries and the seller.
  • Tax optimization of the current income tax burden on the basis of the Dutch and, if applicable, German tax consequences by analyzing the ownership and financing structure of the planned acquisition, including the preparation of all necessary contracts.
  • Profitability planning, taking into account tax and municipal charges, earnings prospects and cost structure.

Use of the property in the Netherlands

  • Carrying out necessary tax registrations in the Netherlands
  • Preparation of current Dutch tax returns (income tax and VAT)
  • Representation and correspondence with the Dutch tax authorities (Belastingdienst)

Sale of the property in the Netherlands

  • Legal support in the sale of Dutch real estate with regard to the drafting of purchase agreements and the support of the notarial transfer by a Dutch notary.
  • Examination of the tax consequences, in particular of a capital gain for tax purposes in Germany.

Inheriting or giving away the property in the Netherlands

  • Integration of the Dutch property in asset succession planning, taking into account the inheritance tax consequences in Germany, including the preparation of the necessary inheritance and gift arrangements and legal support for their implementation.
  • Taking over inheritance and gift tax declarations in Germany, including Dutch real estate and its tax valuation according to German valuation standards.

Your personal contact for legal and tax issues relating to real estate investments in the Netherlands

Lawyer and tax consultant Nils Hoefer has been dealing with German-Dutch matters since 2008, both from a legal and tax perspective.

Real estate investments in the Netherlands by German private individuals or investors are an integral part of his consulting services.

The owner of Hoefer Tax & Legal works closely with competent cooperation partners (Dutch tax consultants, lawyers and notaries). As a result, he has already provided legal and tax advice on and successfully completed a large number of transactions.

As a “registered Belastingconsultant” in the Netherlands, Nils Hoefer also represents German owners in the necessary registrations and ongoing tax declarations to the Dutch tax authorities for income and VAT purposes, and provides comprehensive advice on all German legal and taxation issues relating to your Dutch property.

Are you planning a real estate investment in the Netherlands?
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