Expats & Global Mobility

We work internationally. We advise both employees and employers on cross-border employee assignments abroad and in Germany. Profit from it.

Our concept is interdisciplinary in the areas of cross-border tax issues, social security law and employment law.

Our range of services in this specialist area includes

  • Consultations in the area of the double taxation agreement (DTA) between Germany and other countries, countries without an agreement or foreign activity decree
  • Legal and tax advice for employees on secondments or other employment in other countries, taking into account the professional and personal circumstances in the country of residence or dual residency
  • Advice for cross-border commuters or when starting work for a foreign employer with work in the country of residence [home office, field service]
  • Preparation of German income tax returns for expats and cross-border commuters, taking into account all special issues (relocation costs, double housekeeping, family trips home, travel expenses, meal allowances, etc.)
  • Application options, forms of investment, foreign residency
  • Examination of the social security implications of the activity, in particular examination of the applicable social security law
  • Support in applying for the necessary social security certificates [e.g. A1 certificate, D/USA 101, exemption agreements].
  • Preparation and review of secondment agreements or remuneration agreements and the tax implications of certain cost transfers by the employer for wage optimization